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Case Studies for Public and Health Sector Libraries

Reading for Wellbeing in Orkney

The Orkney Library’s revamped “Books on Prescription” service was launched recently. The original service was set up in 2007 and centred around a list of self-help books that GPs and other health professionals could recommend to people experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcoholism and whole range of other mental health problems. The revamped service, which will go under the name of Reading for Wellbeing, includes the original titles but now includes novels and poetry. More here .

Walsall Manor Hospital NHS Trust

For Health Information Week last year, the Manor Library Services worked with Walsall Public Librarians and staff from Lifestyle Services at Walsall Healthcare to promote a range of health improvement activities.  One of these activities included BOP. Lifestyle Services focuses on reducing health inequalities and offer services such as Specialist Stop Smoking, Health Trainers support, physical activity service and much more. Library services staff, public library staff, members of lifestyle services and staff from Public Health meet annually to discuss possible collaborations on projects. The library services does not stock BOP resources in the library but support Lifestyle Services and Public Librarians in raising awareness to clinicians/GP’s in the community of the collections.  For example, at a GP events organised in the hospital to promote BOP.

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