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Management Referral

Why have I been referred to the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Department?
Your manager may suggest that you are referred for an assessment regarding your fitness to work.  The department works closely with managers, HR and employees and provides recommendations and advice with the aim of being proactive in relation to any health condition that you may have in relation to your work.  
Your manager should discuss and agree with you the reasons and benefits of the referral along with any specific questions they may have prior to a referral being made.
Further information can be found in the Trust's Sickness Absence policy
What if I am unable to attend or need to change my appointment?
In some cases and dependent upon the reason for referral, it may be possible to carry out the appointment over the telephone.  You would need to contact the department prior to your appointment for further guidance.  Should you need to re-arrange your appointment please contact the department on 0121 424 3004 before 10.00 a.m. the previous working day otherwise this will be recorded as a DNA (did not attend).
If you decline the offer of an assessment your manager will have to manage your case without the benefit of you both receiving appropriate advice and medical support.
What should I bring with me to my appointment?
It would be helpful if you could bring with you a list of the medication you are taking.  This could be prescribed or over the counter medication, copies of specialist/hospital correspondence, discharge summaries, as well as any results from previous investigations.   With your permission we will retain a copy for your Occupational Health file.
What Information will be given to my manager in the Occupational Health report?
The report will answer specific questions outlined in the management referral form and may include a description of relevant medical issues, current fitness to work, recommendations/adjustments in the workplace, the effect of any permanent or temporary disability along with advice and recommendations to support a return to work if appropriate. The content of the report will be discussed with you and your informed consent obtained prior to releasing information to your manager and HR.  You will also receive a copy.
Can I self-refer to the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Department?
Occupational Health does not offer a self-referral service. Your line manager will need to complete a management referral form. This is because any adjustments in your workplace will need to be fully implemented with your manager’s support.    In certain circumstances it may be possible for a HR Representative or an alternative manager within your department to submit the referral.  For cases involving perceived stress please click here for further information.
However, it is possible to self-refer into support networks such as fast-track physiotherapy and counselling on 0121 424 7001  There is no need to contact Occupational Health Department please follow links for further information.

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